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Portfolio website for Casey Judge, creative technologist and digital designer. Custom-built, fully responsive, and highly performant so that recruiters and hiring managers can get the information they need as soon as possible on any platform.

The Problem

Casey is a creative professional with an extremely wide skill set and a very diverse portfolio with projects that fall into quite a few different categories ranging from 3D modeling to physical computing. She relies on her portfolio to showcase her work, find contract work, and apply to full-time positions.

She had previously used site builders like Squarespace and Wix to build her portfolio and admitted that she enjoyed their WYSIWYG functionality. She found it easy to edit her portfolio entries using their rich text editors and drag-and-drop interfaces and It was easy, fast, and straightforward to add a new entry to her portfolio whenever she needed to.

However, she found their templates oftentimes too limiting and site performance was generally very low, with images taking up to a few seconds to load at a time. A lot of her time was spent optimizing and resizing assets rather than writing her content, and she realized very quickly that the tradeoff between convenience and performance was too large for her to handle. There were multiple occasions where Casey had to blame the wifi during a meeting with a prospective client because her website load times were just that bad.

Lighthouse report for showing a performance score of 16
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The Solution

Based on her recent experiences, Casey is a prime candidate for a portfolio website built using the JAM stack and a static site generator like 11ty. Using Netlify CMS, we can maintain the convenience of a WYSIWYG editor that she enjoyed so much and still let her update her portfolio at her convenience, and without making her delve into the source code or committing to GitHub.

Her new website also features a tag system that can be used to organize her very diverse portfolio. When Casey adds a new project to her portfolio she can choose to add tags to it that help describe the kind of work she did (i.e. 3D Modeling, UX Design, etc.). Users of her site are then be able to use the site's navigation to quickly find the work that is relevant to them.

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The Result

Overall, the website is now much faster, scoring a near-perfect 98/100 on Google Lighthouse audits while still maintaining the convenience of a WYSIWYG because of Netlify CMS. Pre-rendering HTML and serving it from a CDN, using Netlify's large asset optimization during the site's build phase, and implementing lazy loading for images helped keep her file sizes low and her page-load times even lower.

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