DSF Scene Reconstruction

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The DSF Scene Reconstructor was a webXR tool built with A-frame, 8th Wall, and Javascript that simulated reconstructing a crime scene from photographic evidence. It was part of an unreleased Unseen Media game titled The Coffeeshop Mystery. Within the game universe, the scene reconstruction utility was an investigative tool used by the agents of a fictional organization, the Department of Strategic Forensics (DSF), to remotely investigate crime scenes using augmented reality.

How it Works

To use the Scene Reconstructor, players would first have to obtain images (digital or physical) of the crime scene they were trying to reconstruct. Most often, these images were provided to players in physical form as a part of the game, or they would find them online while solving other puzzles.

Once enough photographic evidence of a crime scene had been collected, the players would use the utility to scan the pictures. The utility reconstructs a 3D model based on the photos scanned and the uses SLAM to place it on a surface of the user's choice.

Scene reconstruction utility scanning a picture
Scene reconstruction utility tap to place prompt
Scene reconstruction utility with the scene placed

Try a Demo

I've gone ahead and set up a quick demo with some stock photos that you can use to test out the functionality of the utility. If you're interested in trying it out, shoot me a quick email to gain access to the demo.

Once you have access to the utility, use it to scan the images below to start the experience.

Stock photo of a coffee shop
Stock photo of a coffee shop
Stock photo of a coffee shop